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Artist: Ja Rule Feat Vita
Song Title: Put it on me
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Ja Rule: Vita, Ja Rule, uh
Where would I be without you?
Uh, yeah
Where would I be without my baby?
The thought alone might break me and I don't
Wanna go crazy but every thug needs a lady

Girl it feel like you and I been born together, inseparable,
Get your chain on for pleasure for that, you'll forever be
Part of me my body and soul ain't no I in we baby

When you cry who wipes your tears? When you scared who's tellin you
There’s nothin to fear? Girl I’ll always be there when you need a shoulder
to lean on, never hesitate know when you can call on it's on me, and vise-versa
that's why I be the first ta see Jacob, frost your wrists up now ya owe meh
I know your tired of being lonely so baby girl put it on meh

*Chorus* (2x)
Where would I be without you? (uh)
I only think about you (yeah)
I know you’re tired of being lonely (lonely)
So baby girl put it on me (put it on me)

Vita: YO, and I appreciate the rocks and gifts
That you cock me baby and that house on the hill
When you drop like 80 on the down payment, thinking
"damn ain't life gravy" and ever since for my hunnie
I’ve been twice the lady what would I do without the
nites that you kept me warm? when this cold world had
A whirl caught in a storm and I accept who you wit when
you caught in your wrong and respect when you flip cuz our
love is strong and when you hit the block, I watch the tin
Fall and when my pops was asleep snuck in the back door
Baby boy, we been down since jr. high so when life get hot
in July, it's the world against you and I be ballin, tied
together and never part from the heart knew that it would
last forever when you told mehh you would never leave me
lonely so baby boy put on me

*chorus* (2x)

Ja Rule: between matters, it's been you and I a tear
for a tear, an eye for an eye and you know that my heart
gone cry, if you leave me lonely cuz you not just my
love you my homie who's gonna console me? MY LOVE I'm
outta control hold me MY LOVE CUZ I'M YOURS and I don't
wanna do nothing to hurt my baby girl if this was our world,
it'd be all yours baby the thought alone might break mehh
and I don't wanna go crazy cuz every thug needs a lady

AH feelin you baby girl, them eyes ain't lyin wash away all
the tears there'll be no more cryin BABY and you complete
meeh and I would die if you ain't with mehh so
baby girl put it on mehh

*chorus* (4x

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