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Artist: Jack Blanchard Misty Morgan
Song Title: Humphrey The Camel
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Let me tell you bout Humphrey the Camel amblin' across the sands umm

All the Nomads givin' him a great big hand

He's a big ugly Mammal and he's very very hairy

All the Shieks know he's a swinging Dromedary uhhuh oh yeah

Talkin' bout Humphrey the Camel

In the middle of the night by the light of an Arab moon

They say that you can see him stompin' up and down the dunes

He's a big raunchy cat but he swings right along

Groovin' to the beat of a Nashville song uhhuh oh yeah

Talkin' bout Humphrey the Camel

Everybody digs Humphrey the Cammel come see Camel Humphrey the Camel

But he's a body jumper a real hip humper talkin' bout Humphrey the Camel

Down at the Oasis the Arabs were pickin' their dates

They're goin' to a party out at the Sultan's place

There's a camel named Camelia and Humphrey's gonna bring her

One big drink and he's a seven day swinger uhhuh oh yeah

Talkin' bout Humphrey the Camel

(A penny Camel love call uuuh hyeah oh oh)

Everybody digs Humphrey the Cammel...

(Ooouuh hyeah I'd walk a mile for a ouh hyeah pick it Omar hyeah)

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