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Artist: Jack Greene
Song Title: Like A Bird (spread My Wings And Fly)
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You look so lovely lying there with dreamland's grin up on your face

Your golden curls in disarray upon your starched white pillow case

The soft blue satin covers pulled up tight around your lovely throat

It almost makes me want to go destroy the message on the note

The note I wrote upon your perfumed stationary by the phone

I hate to think about you waking up at dawn to find me gone

It's hard for me to get up in the middle of the night and go

But thinking back I do remember faintly that I told you so

I told you I was like a bird a free and wild and restless thing

And even though I take a mate and build a nest in early spring

When summer winds have had their day and winter clouds're flyin' high

Instinctively I spread my wings and fly

I only know why but I must go and nothing here musthold me back

I like the love you gave me and the tender way you scratched my back

I like your warm sweet kisses and the way you cook your ham and eggs

I like the way the suntan lotion softened up your lovely legs

I like the static noise I heard when you would sit and brush your hair

The way you gave yourself to me and never asked to go nowhere

But most of all I like the way you always smiled and never frowned

The way you took this chance for love and took me just for what I am

I told you I was like a bird...

And now my darling as I leave I fight the yearning in my blood

To wake you up and love you just once more before I go for good

But somehow I am fighting back my passion for I cannot stay

And someday you'll look back and know best it ended up this way

I told you I was like a bird...

I fly I fly

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