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Artist: Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson Author
Album: Rares (0)
Jack Johnson - Rares Album
Song Title: Walk Alone
Genre: Instrumental
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who's to say he's not the gifted one.
well i forgot he's not the teacher's son.
No he's just a reason for her to say
that she needs a substance in her today
well who's to say he's not gonna see the sun
well i forgot he's not the gifted one
no, he's just another version of his dad
who learned to love things that he never....
all he ever does is walk alone
man he can only can walk so far before...
all he ever does is look inside
he dont need nowhere to hide.
i know she's all that he ever loved
at 17, too bad to her he was a passing thing
only temporary 'til she finds someone with everything
cause she's what we might call a sugar queen
see her whole scene consists of diamond rings
but thats ok probably better anyway
cause now that she's free well she might finally see that....
all he ever does is walk alone
man he can only walk so far before...
all he ever does is look inside
he dont need nowhere to hide.

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