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Artist: Jackie Deshannon
Song Title: Holly Would
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She loved rings & string
Like music rite of spring
She'd often choose it
She spoke like greetings soaked in time
Her autumn-colored hair was fine
She wore cottons quite a lot
She loved dark tea & coffee pot
She lived with a dog & cat
Forever yours & after that

I remember that to Holly everyone was good
No one has ever loved the way Holly could
She never cared about herself the way she should
No one will ever treat you like Holly would

She collected dolls up-dressed
& always spoke of her friend Yasmine
She was fond of poetry
Durelvion Cummings, E.E.
She loved riding in a train
& "catch me" was her favorite game
She loved the yard, Bernard & Clay
She only ate one meal a day

(chorus twice

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