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Artist: Jackie Lomax
Song Title: Fall Inside Your Eyes
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As I look across the room at you
Our eyes a-join for just a breath or two
I never finish what I mean to do
I start to trail off when Im halfway through
Can I fall inside your eyes?
And Im drowning in your love
But I cannot bring to mind
What it was that I was thinking of

I can feel each sigh with my back to you
As though the sigh was mine and Im attached to you
Its deep inside your eyes that Im attracted to
Like a moth towards a light I cant stop my headlong flight
Can I fall inside your eyes?
And Im drowning in your love
But I cannot bring to mind
What it was that I was thinking of

The sounds inside the room seem to fade away
But I dont think that I was listening anyway
I know I cant explain why I feel this way
But just one look from you and theres nothing I can do
But fall inside your eyes
And Im drowning in your love
But I cannot bring to mind
What it was that I was thinking of

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