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Artist: Jackie Lomax
Song Title: Thumbin A Ride
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I had myself a day job
Pumpin gasoline
A dollar a day is all they pay
And I just cant make that scene

Thats why Im thumbin a ride
Thumbin a ride
Thumbin a ride
On the road

If I could find some money
Id straighten out right quick
But every time I get a dime
I spend it on some chick

Thats why Im thumbin a ride
Thumbin a ride
Thumbin a ride
On the road

Thats why Im thumbin a ride
Thumbin a ride
Thumbin a ride
On the road

Im walking down the highway
Sweating like salt pork
Im putting down this country town
Cause my souls up in New York

Thats why Im thumbin a ride
Thumbin a ride
Thumbin a ride
On the road

Words and music by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller

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