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Artist: Jackie Wilson
Song Title: Talk That Talk
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Shooby do do wop do
Shooby do do wop do

You ought to see my baby
Walkin down the isle with me
Arm and arm with me
It's a beautiful sight to see
You ought to hear my lovin baby
Whisper in my ear
Tender words she knows I love to hear

Man, you ought to see her
Walk that walk
Gives me fever when she
Talks that talk
My baby just walks that walk
talks that talk for me.. woooo

Here she come now
Walk that walk
C'mon baby talk that talk
My baby just walks that walk
Talks that talk for me

She sets my soul on fire
When ever she talks that talk
She's so doggone fine
When she tells me she's mine all mine
I want the world to see my baby
Maybe they will understand
That she's my love
I'm her lovin man

Man, watch her
Walk that walk, c'mon baby
talk that talk, my baby just walks that walk
talks that talk for me
Woooo Here she comes now
walk that walk,c'mon woman
talk that talk my baby just
walks that walk talks that talk for me

Here she comes
Don't you Love It

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