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Artist: Jackopierce
Song Title: Late Shift
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And I know your last words were "don't call"
But I've been driving through a sorry night
And I hear your Dear John through the hum of the highway
On the late shift, on a long ride

"John, dear John, you've got a lot to learn about loving me
and I know you try, we just run out of time"

And there's a rain cutting shadows through my headlights
On a stretch of road between dusk and dawn
And at first light I lose the runnin' fight
And I stop to find a phone
And you're saying

"John, dear John
You got a lot to learn about lovin' me
And i know you try, but we just run out of time
We used up all our time"

And I know what the silence on the wire is
In the waking hours of a nameless day
And i know you can't do your loving from a phonebooth on the highway
900 miles or so away
But you don't fret about the bottom droppin out
It'll be alright if you just turn around
You just dig in friend, if you keep your powder dry
You keep your powder dry

John, dear John
You got a lot to learn about lovin' me
And i know you try, but you can't do it
from the highway, yeah"

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