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Artist: Jackopierce
Song Title: Woman As Salvation
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"Talkin girlfriend as religion
Of faith lost and new found
Of disillusion with the system
Ofjustice and redemption
Of blind faith and let me downs

Talking 'bout my lady of good hope
Woman as savior, my salvation
A mighty queen who arrives at the end of time
To salvage the cause and save my dying nation

And I was just a citizen of the city
Making wages in the bakery in the square
Kneading dough and thinking revolution
When my lady, she appeared

Conversion on the spot to her
Woman as religion - a time for holy war
I raise a fist above my head and to her I swore
My allegiance

Talking 'bout my lady of good hope
Woman as savior, my salvation
A mighty queen who arrives at the end of time
To salvage the cause and save my dying nation

And there was revolution in the streets
barricades at the parliament house
strong victories and hard defeats in the
battle to win my own crown and save
my dying nation
talking bout woman as

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