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Artist: Jacks Of All Trades
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Song Title: Infected
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Laid back sitting in my ride letting wind blow

Taking time all alone letting my thoughts flow

>From east to the west my mind is getting stressed

Till everybody knows the deal I can`t rest

Resurrected was the man from Galilee

But infected is this world and I tell ya

Should`ve listened when I told you

To open up your heart

With my God in my mind and my mind in my God

With my eyes I see you

With my heart I feel...

Pain for the world that is drowning in it`s own mistakes

And I know you - feel it too

Love for the ones who have gone way before my days

And I know you - loved them too

Hate for the sin that is making me spin

Around my selfishness - this can kill

Anger is filling my heart when I think of you

On the cross - is this your will?

Yeah when I kick it to ya like that do ya like that

I pull out my Uzi and rat-tat-tat

Take you down down to the ground

Lyrically murdering everybody who`s not down

With the blow that I throw out ya stereos

Cos I can`t stand a fool who`s just watching videos

When he should be fighting a spiritual battle

And where are you gonna be when

God is counting His cattle

Joy is filling my heart when I think of you

Off the cross - this is your will

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