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Artist: Jackson Jermaine
Jackson Jermaine Author
Album: Dynamite: Encore Collection (2000)
Jackson Jermaine - Dynamite: Encore Collection Album
Song Title: Escape From The Planet Of The Ant Men
Genre: R&B: Soul
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feat. Randy & Tito Jackson

They came form outer space
I was kidnapped
Outside my cage there's an army of ants
Brought me a mate today
Love at first sight
Now we've deceided to put up a fight

Plotting in the dark
Burnin' in my heart
Our great escape from the planet of the ant men
Plotting in the dark
Burning' our hearts
Our great escape from the planet of the ant men
From the planet of the ant men

A rebel bee wants to help us escape
Talking in dances and mapping the way
When it was midnight on the second moonrise
He's found a spaceship and a wasp who will drive


Showed us on TV
In a special report
Two wild humans loose lock your doors
By now we're smiling and miles away
Can't wait to see that earth marble again

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