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Artist: Jackson Joe
Jackson Joe Author
Album: Beat Crazy (1980)
Jackson Joe - Beat Crazy Album
Song Title: Biology
Genre: Rock
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Hello-I'm back again
Haven't seen you since I don't know why
It's been so long-but you seem so cold
Is it something you've been told
She said
So this is what you thing of me
Going with some whore somewhere out in Germany
I said baby
Baby can't you see
It's nothing to do with you and me
Nothing to do with my heart
Nothing to do with my head
Nothing to do with our home
Nothnig to do with our bed

It's just B-I-O-L-O-G-Y
Can't you see
It's just Biology
Biology-coming in between you and me

Your Biology lesson Starts here
And first of all I would make it clear
That the species known as males
have these little white things with little white tails
Multiply and start to shout
It's getting crowded down here-let us out
Once relieved-they start again
It's not a proces controlled by the brain

Nothing to do with their hearts
Nothing to do with their heads
Nothing to do with their homes
Nothing to do with their beds

It's just B-I-O-L-O-G-Y
Can't you see
It's just Biology
Biology-coming in between you and me

She said thanks-I'm so relieved
What your saying I can well believe
Now I know, I feel no shame
About Dave and Tony and Phil and James
I said
Baby baby this can't be true
She said well what's right for you
has to be
right for me
In any case I'm sure you'll see
It's nothing to do with our hearts
It's nothing to do with our heads
It's nothing to do with our homes
It's nothing to do with our beds

It's just B-I-O-L-O-G-Y
Can't you see
It's just Biology
Biology-coming in between you and me

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