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Artist: Jacksoul
Song Title: I Aint No Good (Without U)
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[verse 1]
Curtains drawn. Unopened mail.
Last week's dishes. Pizza's stale.
Feeling lonely. Damn, I hate it.
Can't go out if I'm not motivated.
Try to call you.
You don't wanna talk.
You been screenin your calls.
Now my email's blocked.
How'm I supposed to make it better
When you won't even get together?

Simple things? can't understand..
And precious things slip through my hands, lately.
Baby, it's like my mind is gone...
Happy thoughts just melt away and sunshine has faded gray
Since I done you wrong, I just can't move on.

Tell me what's a clown if he's got the blues?
A ballerina that's lost her shoes?
What?s a mystery without no clues?
What's another day if I ain't got no you?
What's a house if it's got no roof?
How'm I gonna play ball if I got no hoop?
I can?t believe in love if you?re the only proof.
I ain't no good without you.

[verse 2]
From Summer sunset to the perfect dawn,
Christmas day... all seem so wrong
Since you went and broke my heart
Took what we had and tore it all apart.
Took my loving and made me bitter
Now every night alone seems like winter.
I thought that we had destiny
Now I gotta dream to have you next to me.

[prechorus 2]
Happy thoughts just melt away.
Sunshine has faded gray
Since I done you wrong
I just can't move on.

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