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Artist: Jacksoul
Song Title: I Miss You
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Looks like it had (baby)
My day in the sun (baby)
There's no more sunshine
And I miss you babe.

The world starts to move around me
And I should get up soon baby
But there nothing in me
And I miss you babe.
I miss you babe.

There was a time
When nothing much mattered to me
Now everything hurts
And I miss you babe.
I miss you babe.

When you were here
When you were here
This whole world was in my hands
And I miss you babe.
I miss you babe.
I miss you babe.

I should get up soon.
And start a whole new life without you, baby.
But it's not really living.
And I miss you babe.
I miss you baby.


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