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Artist: Jacksoul
Song Title: Think You Should Know
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I think you should know
I know we been friends
But I got this feeling I just can't stop
I think you should know
As hard as I try
I can't keep my hands to myself.

Here with you, morning dew shining on your lips
Baby (ooo!) how we do, you I can't resist
Would you give me a chance?
Give me a chance.

You'd be buggin out to look this gift horse in the mouth
I'd be crazy to run from you
I think you should know.

I think you should know that I been losing sleep.
Everywhere I turn I see you with me.
What's it gonna be.

I confess I'm obsessed with your loveliness.
And I feel blessed when I'm next to ya
Tell me this: Will you give me a chance?
Give me a chance.

Listen when I'm talkin to ya


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