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Artist: Jacky Cheung
Song Title: I Got It Made
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Jacky Cheung

I Got It Made
if I could spit in my face

Hey baby please can I get your number?
Cause losers are look like so much funner
She told me, "Can't we just be friends?"
She could have mentioned that before
she let me in
I shave my head, I take a bath
My clothes are cool but they still laugh
I don't get luck, I feel so lame Boy,
Boy, do I got it made Yea....

I bet you probably wished you never met me
But I'd gladly kiss your brown eyes if you let me
We might as well go and have some fun
Because I know that you're gonna dump me when you're done
I ask you once, I beg you twice
I don't get stone and I don't have lice
You said it ain't me, "Please understand...."
That you like him and you don't like me
I ask you out, it never fails
You're too busy painting your nails
I feel so lame, I am so ashamed
Boy, do I got it made Yea....
It's hard to sleep at night when you're lonely
It's hard to get a date, me so homely

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