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Artist: Jamelia
Jamelia Author
Album: Thank You (2002)
Jamelia - Thank You Album
Song Title: Cutie
Genre: R&B: Soul
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[chorus x2]
Yo yo yo yo cutie, do you have a cutie!
If you aint a cutie! just let me know,
Cos im lookin for a cutie! just like you cutie!
What ta think? cutie! Are we good to go

[verse 1]
I been checkin you out boy without a doubt,
You got my attention, you a cutie!
Pullin over my ride, just to be by your side
Just a minute of your time is all i need cutie!
Baby your smile is amazin, your body is blazin,
Gon' be chasin to make you my cutie!
So honey, take this piece of paper,
Write down your numba , ill call ya, is that cool

[chorus x2]

[verse 2]
Boy if ya new in town,
Come let me show you around,
Cos you dont have to b a lonely cutie!
Heres my numba at home,
Call me wen your alone,
You can store it in your phone as cutie!
I can see in your eyes,
Im the kinda girl that you like,
Smillincos you know that im right cutie!
The way you work the thang,
Make a sista wanna buy a ring

[chorus x2]

Let me break this down,
(let me break it down for ya,
Let me break it down for you)
I wanna know ya
Take ya out to eat
How you fell bout switchin rle wiv me?
Yo let me chase ya boy,
Till you fall for me,
Jump in the coupe boy, come take a ride wid me,
I'll take ya places honey, you only dream of
I can show you how it feels to ave a real love
I wanna brag bout ya make ya so happy,
I got ya speakin in another language,
Come on daddy! (let me break it down oh!

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