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Song Title: Sometimes (Lester Piggott)
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Sometimes(lester Piggott)

Theres a storm outside and the gap
between crack and thunder, crack and
thunder closing in.

The rain floods gutters and makes a great sound on concrete
On a flat roof theres a boy leaning
against a wall of rain aerial
held high, calling
"come on thundercome on thunder"

its a monsoon, the rain lifts lids
off cars spinning busses like toys
stripping them to chrome

Across the bay the waves are turning
into something else.Picking up fishing
boats and spitting them on the shore

The boys hit lit up against the sky
like a sign, like a neon sign.

Then he crumples drops into the gutter,
cut stringslegs twitching,
the flood swells
his clothes and delivers him on, delivers him on

Theres 4 new colors in the rainbow
an old man'n taking polaroids but
all he captures in endless rain
endless rain

He says listen, takes my head, puts
my ear to his and I swear I
can hear the sea.

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