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Artist: James Bonamy
Song Title: When God Dreams
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(P. Bunch/D. Johnson)

When God dreams
This world knows no hate
Every heart is innocent
Every child is safe
No need goes unattended
No soul goes unfreed
Yes I believe that's how it is
When God dreams

When God dreams
No one is ashamed
With each and every difference
We are all the same
Children of the Father
Keepers of the flame
Yes I believe that's who we are
When God dreams

If a tiny seed can grow to be
A mighty tree
And a tiny raindrop can flow into
A wild and raging sea
The I believe that our love can be
All that it should be
All we'll ever want
All we'll ever need

When God dreams
He sees you and I
And in peaceful sleep
He knows that we will never let love die
He's not afraid to close his eyes
Cause he loves what he sees
Yes I believe that's how it is
Oh I believe that's who we are
Well I believe that's how we love
When God dreams

I believe that's how we love
When God dreams

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