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Artist: James Canavan
Song Title: Take me back
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Johnny :
I thought i'd felt love before,
but never like this, i want no more
Cos it really hurts, right in here
And if i love again, i'll fear
That once again my heart will break
But i suppose that's a chance i take
So answer soon, cos my hearts about to crack
So please Jessy, take me back

Oh Johnny i still love you
And i hope you love me to
But for this to work i need to trust
You in every way, it's a real must
I never thought it'd be this hard
But not being with you makes me emotionally scarred
The music's sad, i wanna change the track

Johnny : So please Jessy take me back

Love is a very strange thing
Sometimes you lose, you rarely win
But what we have is better than most
The Love we have takes us coast to coast

Jessica: But can i trust you, i don't know

Johnny: Listen to your heart and look to where it goes
It wasn't me that made the kiss

Jessica: Oh come on now, you're taking the piss
You're all the same, all you men

Johnny: I promise i won't screw up again

Jessica: Ok if you promise me that kiss meant Jack

Johnny: I promise so will you take me back?

Right now i need to be alone
Don't try to call me, i won't be home
I'll stay at my friends for tonight
So i can think about if it's really right
If i was to take you back, i'll tell you soon
When the sun replaces the moon
I just need to clear my head of that
And then i'll decide if i take you back

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