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Artist: James Otto
Song Title: Gone
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I wonder where she is tonight
Is she alone or did she find
What she needed from me
I guess I got what I deserve
How could I do on hurtin' her that way
And think she'd stay
I found it sittin' on the stove
"It's over" written on a Post-It note
And that was all she wrote

She's gone like the mind of a man insane
Gone like the snow when it turns to rain
And runs down the road and down the drain, so long
Long gone like the money when you've paid the rent
Gone like the time that i should've spent at home
With her, too bad, one word

Then out of nowhere she showed up
For a minute I didn't know what to say
I was blown away
This time I'm gonna do things right
Gonna show her every night I care
This time, I swear
As I reach out to touch her face
That's when the whole thing starts to fade
Then I hear the sound of my alarm clock
And it hits me like a Mack truck doin' ninety
Down a one way dead end road bound straight for hell


Long, long gone like the money when you've paid the rent
Gone like the time that I should've spend at home
With her, too bad, one word

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