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Artist: James Rick
Song Title: Happy
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Rick James and Teena Marie

Lady, I can understand your problems and your worries
When you love a man like me
And if you dont mind I will try to say I love you in this song now
Listen to this melody

You belong to me
I belong to you, yes, I do
And we belong to each other, lady
Listen to me, baby

Therell be times when Ill be down and Ill be troubled
Trying to be that rising star
But dont worry, I will never in our lifetime bust your bubble
Or bring you down from where you are

Youre a queen to me
And Lord knows Im a king to you, yeah
And we belong to each other, baby

You go to my head
Youre a part of everything I say and do
You go to my head
And you keep me happy

Ooh, baby, I can understand your worries and your problems
Trying to be a rising star
And if youre lonely all you have to do is call my name out
And Ill be there where you are

You belong to me
Lord knows I belong to you
And we belong to each other, baby

You go to my head
Baby, youre a part of everything I say and thing you do
(You go to my head)
Every time we make love on the bed you go to my head
And Im givin all my love to you
You go to my head, baby (Ooh...)

Can I bring it down and talk to you awhile
Can I talk to you (Ooh...), woman, can I talk to you
Can I talk to you, baby

{You keep me happy} When were makin love under stars aglow
{You keep me happy} Kissing you all over from your head to your toes (Ooh...)
{You keep me happy} Caressing you, touching you (Ooh...ooh...ooh...)
Kissin every little part of you (Ooh...ooh...)
{You keep me happy}
{You keep me happy} When Im lovin you and I (Mmm, hmm)
{You keep me happy} With my arms around you squeezin you tight
(Mmm, hmm, mmm, mmm)
{You keep me happy} When we do anything that only you and I can see (Mmm)
{You keep me happy} You go from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head
(You go from the bottom of my toes to the top of my head)
{You keep me happy} You keep my happy

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