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Artist: Jamie Redfern
Song Title: Mama
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Darling I send you this letter
Hoping my words can convey
All that I'm trying to tell you
Alls that my heart wants to say
Nearest and dearest, my darling one
Truest and best friend of all

Mama, I want to tell you that I'll always love you
Mama, Now I'm away I keep on thinking of you

I think of the days when I was just a kid
We were so happy together
Who cared for me with such tenderness
No one my darling but you

Mama, Oh how I miss you now that we are apart
Mama, so wonderful
You'll always find a place in my heart

Mama, I miss the days when you were here to guide me
Mama, Those happy days when you were here beside me

Safe in the glow of your love
Sent from the heavens above
Nothing can ever replace
The warmth of your tender embrace

Mama, Until the day that we're together once more
I live with these memories
Until the day that we're together once more

Mama, my owwwwnnnn

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