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Artist: Jamie Walters
Song Title: Why
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Would have sold my soul for you
Would have lived my whole life through for you
Oh, blood, sweat and tears for you
But you're running away from me

Oh, rebel, I see you
In the morning sun
I try to tell you I'm the one
But you're running away from me

(And) why do you keep telling me
I'm not the one I used to be
Let me tell you why

Why I'm still calling
Why I'm still falling
Why you keep running
Running away from me

How many times do I need to say
They same thing a different way
Everything I ever do's for you
(But you're) running away from me

When I tell you you'e the key
You're everything to me
Every truth I ever knew
But you're running away from me


Why do you keep telling me
I'm not the one I used to be
Let me tell you why

Tell me everything's gonna be alright but
I just can't spend the night because
You don't feel
You don't feel
You don't feel
You don't feel
You don't feel the same way I do


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