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Artist: Jan Howard
Song Title: We Had All The Good Things Going
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It wasn't very long ago we had a love few people know

And everything was going oh so fine

I've trusted you you've trusted me the way that it's supposed to be

But love slipped from us somewhere down the line

We had all of the good things going baby you know we did they were so kind

Enjoying the taste of the good life we all look for but few can't find

Now it's gone but we can't understand how love could slip right through our hands

On down the line things seem so very right

Our love went on for all these years we both knew that we were sincere

Then it was gone just over night

We had all of the good things...

Now that we've gone our seperate ways I still recall those brighter days

The days that didn't seem so very long

Neither of us are to blame we only know that it's a shame

That all that we had going now is gone

We had all of the good things...

We had all of the good things...

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