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Artist: Jan Leyers
Song Title: Theres Why
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A soft warm rain was falling from the sky
And everyone was rushing home
The park was empty except for you and I
Just the two of us, all alone

You took my hand, drew me off the lawn and said
Let's hide inside each other till the dawn

If you want to know the reason
There's why I love you
(There's why I love you)
If you want to have a reason
There's why I love you
(There's why I love you)

It's been a long struggle baby, to make do
And summer rain's turned winter cold
I see the little that I've given you
And how it must be getting old

Then you say baby, what you're crying for?
No other man could ever give me more

And if you want to know the reason
There's why I love you
(There's why I love you)
Season after season
There's why I love you
(There's why I love you)

I want to wake beside you till the end of time
You'll never fail to find another way
To make me see how blessed I am to call you mine
Another reason every day

The way you say it once is never how you say it twice
But it's always, always, such a sweet surprise

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