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Album: Gonna Move Ya! (2003)
JAN WAYNE - Gonna Move Ya! Album
Song Title: Love Is A Soldier
Genre: Electronic
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I never thought that love could be so cruel
I never thought that it could be such a fool
we had it all and than you walkes away
and now I'm holding on for yesterday

running around searsching love in every night
I'm walking through the old cold city-light
that's everything that's let for me to do
I guess I never can't stop loving you

show me now what you feel for me
deep inside you can't set me free
take me out of this misery

come back and stay
come back and stay

Refrain (2x):
love is a soldier
love is a soldier
breaking your heart
breaking your heart

love is a soldier
love is a soldier
it's taring apart
it's taring apart

love will tare us apart

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