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Artist: Jane Siberry
Song Title: Flirtin Is A Flo-Thing
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I like to keep the fires hot
I like to keep the coals a-glowin'
I like to keep the furnace a-burnin'
I like to keep the engine a-hummin'
To take home to my baby
(Or not)

Flirtin' is a flo-thing...

I like to flirt with men
I like to flirt with women
I like to flirt with old folks, young folks
I think I even like to flirt with trees
I like to flirt with rocks, birds, bees
I like to flirt with a good plate of linguini
I like to flirt with a good suit,
double-stitched, good linen
I guess that what I'm saying
what I'm gettin' at is
I like to flirt with everything

I like to keep the fires hot ...

Flirtin' is a flo-thing ...

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