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Artist: Jane Siberry
Song Title: Temple
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you call that hard?
you call this cold?
that's nothing.

come on come on
let me into your temple
come one come on
i want into your temple


you call that far?
you call that hot?
you call that darkness?
well, it's not.

come on come on
let me into the temple
come on come on
i want into the temple

i mean...go

you call that loving?
you call that rain?
you call that giving?
you call this pain?
you call that rough?
you call that sad?
you call that tough?
well, it's not tough enough

come on come on
let me into your temple
come on come on
i want into your temple
come on come on
let me into the temple
come on come on

i want into the temple

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