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Artist: Janes Addiction
Janes Addiction Author
Album: Ritual De Lo Habitual (1990)
Janes Addiction - Ritual De Lo Habitual Album
Song Title: Then She Did
Genre: Alternative
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Now her paints are dry...
and I looked outside...
at the corner boys

hey, oh, where'd you go?
I don't know?

I went to see your pictuers
i spread them across the floor
so this is where they are shown
now they're probablly saying to you...
"If you keep it up you;ll be born.."
but you will never listen
i'll bet

Burnt out grass
scorched by the sun
the buildings remain
we will beat them all to dust
I'll bet

Pulled from a headless shell
that blinked on and off hotel
now the nameless dwell
They hold your key and turn your knob
I'll bet

Would you say hello to my mom?
would you pay a visit to her?
she was an artist just like you were
would've introduced you to her
she would take me out on sundays
we go laughing through the garbage
she'd repaired legs like a docter
on the kitchen chairs we sat on
she was a unhappy just as you were
unhappy just as you were
unhappy just as you were
unhappy just as you were

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