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Artist: Janez Detd
Song Title: Falling
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Sinse you've been gone I've thought this over and over, trying to figure out
Questioning where I went wrong
You stayed the same as I drifted away

Falling, I am falling
You no longer form the ground beneath my feet
I'm holding on to times long gone

Don't think I'll come across another you
Someone who understands my truth
And I still wonder, do you think of me like I think of you and our many plans undone?

Dreaming, I keep dreaming
that I'm still the one who puts a smile on your face
I'm holding on to times long gone

And I will remember, I will treasure every moment ever spent
I will remember, I will treasure every moment ever spent...with you


We used to have this thing called love, unconditional
Meant all I said, meant all I did
I'd say and do it all over again cause all of it was...true

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