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Artist: Janie Fricke
Song Title: No Ordinary Memory
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(Larry Shell - Jeff Tweel)

If he had been just anybody I'd be over him by now
I still got this aching in my heart and these teardrops falling down
There's scars that I just can't conceal
He's the wound that time won't heal.

He's no ordinary memory
He's the only one who ever
Really got to me
He's no ordinary memory.

Amazing was his love for me
Oh, I stood so tall back then
Now sometimes I make it to my knees
Just to fall back down again.

Lord, I've seen
Some mountains in my time
But here's the one
That I can't climb.

He's no ordinary memory
He's the only one who ever
Really got to me
He's no ordinary memory.

No, he's no ordinary memory...

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