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Artist: Jank 1000
Song Title: Crummy
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talked about mostly nothing
spent her time mostly fussing about her makeup and her hair
Should i even care
while i wait half an hour
as she stops and talks to her old boyfriend alone
I should've stayed home
take your time when you find the one
make sure your not the only one
dont get lost in her eyes
and dont be so supised when you find out shes not everything
perfect girls are just a dream
that will never come true for a guys like me and you
didnt we always try something
didnt we always try nothing
didnt we always say forever
now i know it seems like nothing seems to just like before
Im staying home again
until my heart breaks in two
always before you would you would make it right again
but now everything has changed
stood in line for an hour or two
got her stuff and sat down just in time to watch the show
now where did she go
in the back hiding out
Him and her were making out
what else can i say
i watched the movie anyway

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