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Artist: Jars Of Clay
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Song Title: Flood acapella
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When I'm falling
When I'm dying
When I'm drowning
When I'm-lift me up

Rain, rain on my face
It hasn't stopped raining for days
My world is a flood
Slowly I become one with the mud

But if I can't swim after forty days
And my mind is crushed by the thrashing waves
Lift me up so high that I cannot fall with the oh, oh
Lift me up-when I'm falling
Lift me up I'm weak and I'm dying
Lift me up-I need You to hold me
Lift me up-keep me from drowning again

Downpour on my soul
Splashing in the ocean, I'm losing control
Dark sky all around
I can't feel my feet touching the ground


Calm the storms that drench my eyes
And dry the streams still flowing
Cast down all the waves of sin
And guilt that overthrow me


Lift me up-when I'm falling
Lift me up-I'm weak and I'm dying
Lift me up-I need You to hold me
Lift me up-keep me from drowning again

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