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Artist: Jasmine Trias
Song Title: Its Raining Men
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Humiditys Rising
barometers getting low
According to all sources
There's a place to go

Cause tonight for the first time
Just about a half past ten
For the first time in history
It's gonna start raining men

It's raining men
Hallelujah it's raining men
it's raining men
it's raining men amen

(Repeat *)

It's raining men
Hallelujah it's raining men
Every specimen
Tall, blonde, dark, and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean

It's raining men
God bless mother nature
She's a single woman too
She took all the heavens
And she did what she had to do

She fought every angel
And she rearranged the sky
So that each and every woman
Could find the perfect guy

It's raining men
Hallelujah it's raining men amen
It's raining men
Hallelujah it's raining men amen
It's raining men.

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