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Artist: Jason Harwell
Song Title: Bad Student
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Jason Harwell- Bad student

Ha ha bad student remix
Imposter J Harwell
Speedo fireproof
You smell something
No need to be alarmed
That?s just my own special blend of James Taylor Folk
P.O.D hardcore
Eat your heart out Fay burst

I parked my moped
In the principles parking space
And I take that little yellow ticket that I always get and I chew it up and spit it on the floor so Earl the janitor has to dooo something
I go to homeroom
But not my homeroom, no sir
I like to go to homeroom down the street at Hillsmont Middle School cuz I?m bigger than all the big kids
And in gym class I pull their shorts up over their heads and give em wedgies!
And it?s all because

Cuz I?m a bad student!
I?m a bad student!
I use a # 3 pencil on my standardized test

I go to lunch
Most days
Half an hour early, that?s right
And I always make sure to complement the lunch lady on her nice hairnet and MOLE so I get extra gravy for my mashed po-tay-tooooeeeessss?
Yeah my girlfriends? jealous
But I don?t care!
Its not like she wears things to impress me to begin with, so it doesn?t matter!!!! At all!!!! URRRRR!!!
I go to Spanish class
And they have my picture on the wall
And written underneath it says
?El estudiante muy bad..?
Those of you who don?t SPEAK Spanish
It means
And the reason that its there is because?

Cuz I?m a bad student!!!!!!!
I?m a bad student!!!!!
I get two chocolate milks instead of one but I only drink one of them

I go to the library
And attempt to check out the dictionary
And the librarian that TIME forgot says ?you can?t check out the dictionary? and I say, ? I can dooo whatEVER I WA N T!
Yeah! That?s right!!
I give swirlies
To all the little girl-ieeeees
And I flush twice not once cuz I?m THAT BAD
And when they start cry?n, which they always do
I just smile and show em my badge that says:

I?m a bad student!!!
I?m a bad student!!!!!!
I?ll make fun of your mother?in front of your mother!!!!!
I?m not scared

This is a disclaimer for all the good students out there in the world
It?s important to make good grades
So you graduate
So you get a job
So you can?further educate yourself
So you don?t sing SONGS like THIS!

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