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Artist: Jason Harwell
Song Title: Pray
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Used to wanna live in the movies
Wanna have people pay to see me
Wanna have soundtrack when I walk

I Used to wanna live on the big screen
win academy awards for my big scene
Always end up with the girl of my dreams

But the truth is a different story
It's not what God has for me
And I will never say I'm sorry, no
Cause I have seen his glory, now

I pray to God, yea,every day
Get down on my knees and learn how to pray
'Cause I can't hold to
Save myself
It's up to you, Lord, yea, and nobody else

I Used to wanna be that kind of guy
Lookin' real cool
Goin' out every Friday night
Always lookin' real fly in a brand new car
Well I guess I'm just a "Holy Spirit junkie"
Some say I am a "social flunkie"
But if I was Titanic they never would have sunk me

Cause my lifejacket has been paid for
By the blood of the cross
And I feel no loss
'Cause I know Jesus paid my cost, and

I pray to God, yea,every day
get down on my knees and learn how to pray'
cause I can't hold to
Save myself
It's up to you Lord, yea, and nobody else

I think, Sometimes
I can't do it on my own
And I'm all alone
And sometimes,
When I don't know what to do
I give it up to you
And you always get me through

And I pray to God, yea,every day
Get down on my knees and learn how to pray'
'Cause I can't hold to
Save myself

No, no
Gonna pray
Gonna pray

Cause I can't hold to save myself
It's up to you lord
And nobody else

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