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Artist: Jawbreaker
Song Title: Lolly Pop
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Rippin' and Shippin'
Down to L.A.
Takin' and breakin'
Whatever I say
Making a fool of yourself
To reach the shelf
Freedom, of eternity
Robbin' this whole damn city

But it's all easy when I'm at the top
Take me to your land of lolly pops
But it's better to kill the cops
So take me to your land of lolly pops

Freak show
Lets get down there and start to row
Coz we're makin' it all happen
Enter eternity
Bury the sin
Stick it in the bin
Face outside into the 18th dimension
Beware the caution of suspension


Do it now
Face it, how?
Tell them to stay away
They're makin' it harder every day
Say nay

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