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Artist: Jay
Song Title: Yes
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Jay & the Americans

Yes (yes), she said yes and what a surprise
Yes (yes), she said yes and then closed her eyes
Yes (yes), she said yes and opened her arms
Yes, she opened her arms and said yes

Yes (yes), she said yes and held me so tight
Yes (yes), she said yes with all of her might
Yes (yes), she said yes and smiled up at me
Yes, she smiled up at me and said yes

"Yes, you can hug me and yes, you can squeeze me
And yes, you can have my caress
Yes, you can hold me and yes, you can kiss me
And yes, oh yes, oh darling yes"

Yes (yes), she said yes and oh what a thrill
Yes (yes), she said yes and time just stood still
Yes (yes), she said yes and opened her arms
Yes, she opened her arms
Yes, she opened her arms and said yes

From: Collins Crapo

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