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Artist: Jay r
Song Title: Design For Luv
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Do you think of me when the day is done
Baby when you think of me do you want to come
With me no ones working you like the way I do
Cause my love is like a drug when I'm into you
Why you wanna be with me...ain't hard to see
All that I am is all that I be
Harder than the rock with the energy
Do I want it yes I want it now I'm gonna so get ready

Get ready..I am your design for love...
Get ready I am your design for love
Already know what you've been dreaming of
So get ready I am your design for love

Turn the candles on a put the lights down low
Cause you know I'll break you off baby nice and slow
And I had you on the bottom now you back on top
Oh girl once you get me started
I don't ever stop
Why you wanna be with me...ain't hard to see
All that I am is all that i be
Harder than the rock with the energy
Do I want it yes I want it so im gonna get ready


Im the design ready for your love getting inside
Is what i'm thinking of
Oooh..are they real she got me sweatin like a chubby doin on the treadmil
Lay her one the back, kiss her on the tummy
I need a tictac cause my breath is kinda funny
But don't worry cause I know she still wid it
When she shakes that thing
I really want to hit it
Extra little twist in her hips cause
I'm watchin built for speed from the start so I'm clockin
like dis like dat and like dis and a I love kissin her
Da.da.da.da.da.daym she's fabulous I can't lie
All my friends ask me how I know why JD Jr, calabo on dis track
Triza bring that beat back

Automatically I fulfill all your dreams
Tell me your fantasies cause I am your design for love


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