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Artist: Jay r
Song Title: Throw Your Hands Up In The Air
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Rap 1: (J.O.L.O.)

for all the ladies in the place with style and grace
with firm breast, round ass and a classic face
high class with taste, who gives head after dates
suck me dry each time and not gets out of shape
she's never out of cake, plus she loves to grind
loves how the studs just shine, she must be mine
so i guess itmust be time, for us to discuss
if possibly you must leave with us
and though we keep freaks with us
ma, you're the type of dime piece a freak needs to crush
damn girl, you're flirty, you tease too much
stop fronting, i'm the one you need to touch
so if you see what's up, grab your things lets go
best know you get to test just how the best roll
see my neck's cold, yeah it's flooded with ice
wrist watch frozen, so we fucking tonight? right...


throw ur hands in the air
and dance like you just don't care
and if you're drinking em things
let me hear you say oohh yeah...
just throw your hands in the air
and partly like you just don't care
and if you're feeling this sshhh...


come and talk to me,
walk wit me,
this playa hollerin at these honeys constantly,
so pardon me,
come here lemme buy you a drink,
and conversate with you a a little,
to see how you think,
let your hair down,
relax i won't bite,
it's yo night,
ma, i'm tryna make you so right,
i'm in the club,
and i ain't lookin for no fight,
chillin playin smooth,
while you swayin these dudes,
and who told you my doughs tight?
but oh no,
not the don,
matterafactcop a bottle,
to show and prove
dat i don't think of you as one of my hoes,
yeah you runnin this show,
light a blunt and let's go,
beyond this rap song
now the fellas think i'm wrong,
but there's things you just feel,
and you... me... us is real



i know you gonna like what you see
coz baby everybody here is vip
including you and me
this is my kingdomand baby you're my queen
please believe i give you all my intentions
dancin' all night with that freaky tention
talkin' bout love and that deep perfection
so just chill up coz tonight we gonna...

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