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Artist: K Solo
Song Title: Long Live the Fugitive
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K Solo]
Long live the Fugitive..
Long live the Fugitive..
Always doin jail records yaknahmsayin?
I'll always write about jail
Long live the Fugitive..
Everybody that gets locked up ain't always guilty yaknahmsayin?

Cops stop me on the block with my girl in my car
and found out I'm K Solo the Fugitive now known as a rap star
I put the car in park and asked the cop what's the trouble
They said "License and registration, Fugitive on the double"
In my jacket, I reached in, before I heard the sound
They grabbed the sticks in the daylight, and started beatin me down
My head and back hurt all over yo I woke up handcuffed
hearin my girl screamin, "Are you alright Solo?"
I told the cops y'all can go to hell
They said, "Remember Corky?" Corky? "Yeah we know his family well
Times up, you're headed back to a jail cell"
Jail's a place I used to live
and I'll be back with more and more hard jail cuts
Long live the Fugitive.. "K-S-O-L-O"
Long live the Fugitive.. "K-S-O-L-O"
Long live the Fugitive.. "K-S-O-L-O"
Long live the Fugitive.. "K-S-O-L-O

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