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Artist: Kai
Song Title: A Million More
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What do I gotta do to prove my love Baby

What can I do, how can I prove
That I'm serious about this love
What should I say in this different way
To make you realize I won't leave your side Lady
Over and over I'm holding you close
And I'm telling you I'll never let go

If a million days are never enought to know you
And a million words won't let you be sure
In a million ways I've given my love, I'll show you
I'll open another door and find a million more

For half of your tears you don't know I hear
All of the nights you've cried, or you're left behind
I take the pain, wash it away
If you just put your trust in the two of us


Whatever went wrong it's not gonna hurt you anymore
I'll keep holding on, I believe in this love so until you're sure


Listen to me, whatever I gotta do to prove my love, I'll
And when my words don't let you be sure
I'll open your heart and open another door
To a million more

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