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Artist: Kai
Song Title: Im Here
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Without any words, I can tell that you're hurt
I can see it in your eyes
Take hold of my hand, yes I'll understand
If you break down and cry
But there's no need for tears
Just leave all your tears behind
And know that I'm here
I will always be near your heart
Yes, I'm here

I'll hold you close, I'll keep you warm
When life's not on your side
I'll hold you tight here in my arms
Where nothing could break your heart

I never told you just how much I loved you
If I did I wouldn't know where to start
I'd probably make things worse
Your heart should come first
Only time will tell my heart
But when that time comes
I will give you my love and my life
And I promise your tears
They will all disappear from your eyes
Yes, I'm here


Come with me
Let me take you to this place here in my heart
There'll be no more hardships, no more tears
Let me be the one to care for you
Let me be the one to pull you through
Let me be the one
Let me be the one to love you


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