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Artist: Kajagoogoo
Kajagoogoo Author
Album: Islands (Bonus Tracks) (1984)
Kajagoogoo - Islands (Bonus Tracks) Album
Song Title: The Lions Mouth
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Pick and choose the things you wear

Feel free to look around with no obligation
Times have changed so break new ground

Feel free and take your time
take a little extra time

More time with no obligations.
Clothes in vogue are all the rage
But don't expect too much
they can't perform miracles.
Head to toe disguised again
it's heavy when they say:
We don't perform miracles
we don't perform miracles.

Ooh to be ah jetsetter
be ah head start.
Ooh to be ah
ooh to be ah - look at me

Ooh in something new
ooh to be ah.
Cool glossy mags
reveal the facts with a little bit of god

It's usually in the who's who
place your bets

Predict the favourite party of the day

You'll find it in the who's who
who's there

You'll find them in the who's who.
Ooh to be ah jetsetter
be ah head start. . . .
Ooh to be ah jetsetter
be ah head start. . . .

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