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Artist: Kalimba
Song Title: Undercover
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Ever since I saw you walking down with your men
paying no attention bearly graving your hand
obvious to see that he don't give a damn
he don't love you.

See you later on, all alone at the bar
I don't know your name, but I know who you are
love to make you feel like a superstar
know you want to.

Cause baby I'll drive you crazy
giving you what you need everytime you please
I said baby, don't need to worry
Just come with me tonight.

I wanna go deep, deep, deep undercover
Wanna, wanna, be your down low lover
when you're in between my sheets
you'll be losing sleep
rolling undercover withme.

I wanna go deep, deep, deep undercover
got to be discreet when it comes to each other
so if he sees me in the streets, he wont know it's me
keep it undercover with me.

Sending you a message only you'll understand
meet me on the low for a little romance
I'll make your body sing while your heart star to dance
yeah! you'd love to
see it in your eyes girl I know you're afraid
but, by the way you move, you got something to say
whisper in my ears, come and take me away
Yeah I'd love to


Lay with me, we don't need to think about tomorrow
then you'll see how good love is
for a while, baby let me take away your sorrow
anything to see you smile.

Close to me, wanna hold you tight
when I give you love
come on, come on, can't you see
let me show you real love, a man that could give you wath you need
don't think about it just feel me.


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