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Artist: Kalle Baah
Song Title: Autumn
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This ya thing I wanna say
Wouldn't throw my love away
I'm coming with the tide
So I never gonna ride off on a side
This is my chariot
My lonely days are gone
This is my chariot
I never gonna blow it once again
Or twice, no nice, cause your eyes is my price

I'm coming with the autumn
I'm coming with the autumn wind
I'm coming with the autumn
I'm coming with the autumn wind

Pick down the apple from the tree
It's charity for you and me
The autumn wind blow chilly and cold
And you are the one that I wanna hold
Please take your stand and come with me
Cast your spell and set us free
From ball and chain
And then we know which way to go

I'm coming with the autumn
I'm coming with the autumn wind
I'm coming with the autumn
I'm coming with the autumn wind

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