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Artist: Kamal Supreme
Song Title: Yo, I Copped A New Whip!
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Kamal Supreme

I copped a new whip

Yo, I copped a new whip
I?m braggin I must admit
It has buoyancy aerodynamic design
She lays back and reclines with suspension
I put her on cruise control or hit the pedal real hard
The engine be bucking
But I take charge
She got mad horsepower. I start off about 5 miles per hour
And then I give her a lift
With the thrust of my stick shift
Oh how I love this new gift
Cause she thinks she?s a cougar
I ride her like a hummer
And treat her like a jaguar
She likes to take long rides down 95
As we interwine of route 69
She got that fresh scent
Make me wanna pay the car payment
I?m not takin her back, you repo man dead that
I took her off the lot cause she was so damn hot.
I had to take her round the block!
She mad me come before I came
My life will never be the same
I give her tune ups
And a frequent oil change
And this is one ride I won?t crash or dent
And even if you look at her wrong I?ll get mad bent.

I love pumpin that gas
And driving her real fast
She loves it when I ignore the other cars I go pass
She knows I don?t give a F______
About a Cadillac truck
A lex, coupe, beamer or a benz
And all her little acura friends
I keep my head up

I got her on lock with the club and the low jack
And I get crazy mad when cats just look at her back.
I know I sound materialistic, I must admit
But I?m just so happy yo. Cause I copped a new whip!

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