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Artist: Kansas
Song Title: Got To Rock On
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It's no funny hanging around winter seems so numbing
Getting fat where I sit down do you suppose it's old age coming
I get this feeling I'm no good for nothing life has led me wrong
Once in a while it makes it all worthwhile if I can sing this song

Got to rock on I can't be this way
I'm hanging around but wait till music's in season
That's when I'm high that is how I play
and I do it the best that's all I need for a reason

Can't think straight can't think at all staring out the window
Hear the band I hear them call everything will disappear and

I get the feeling I can conquer anything gets in my way
Don't need no doctor 'caus I know exactly what I need today I

Got to rock on I can't be this way
I'm hanging around but wait till music's in season
That's when I'm high that is how I play
and I do it the best that's all I need for a reason

The sun beats down upon me and it looks as tough that spring
Has waited long enough to get here she knows that I must
Sing about her future oh sing about her past I love to play my music
And I try to make it last but sometimes summer comes too fast

I got to rock on I can't be this way (cont

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